Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Skin Food Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel Off

Post By Amanda

Skin food peel off mask!

Hellooooooooooo!! How is it going? this post is on Skinfood's Peppermint Pore Diet Mask Peel Off! wheew long name...

What It Does:
 Peel-off type pack with peppermint extracts to remove sebum and tighten pores

I actually had no intention of buying this product while I was visiting Korea, I had just grabbed it randomly because it was so cheap. I originally thought it was a cleanser and was like wtf when I actually looked at it lol.

The consistency is really thick and sticky kind of like a thick glue.
The smell is a little bit minty, its very subtle.

A little goes a long way.
All you need is a thin later anyways

My Thoughts

The first time I used it I put it all over my face instead of my T-zone wtf lol so it took forever to peel off. As the product dries you can really feel your skin tightening. I like that the smell isn't overwhelming and that there isn't a cooling effect.
Very easy to peel off!

Comes off in one piece

The only problem I have is you can't take every bit off >.<

*must get cam whore camera LOL*

I would probably buy it again, I only use it once a week though. It doesn't really take off blackheads unless they are really close to the surface, I don't have many blackheads so I'll have to test it on Steve to see lol he won't like that.

It doesn't minimize sebum secretion but it will absorb the sebum. I think if I used it more it would eventually minimize my sebum.

Where to Buy This Product:
I only saw one on Ebay ($11.70 + $2.93 for shipping) and Yesstyle ($18 plus whatever it is for shipping) but I find the beauty products on Yesstyle more expensive so I never order from there. Sasa doesn't have it or at least when I searched for it it didn't come up and I'm not sure where else you can buy Asian beauty products from, suggestions?

Thanks for reading!

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